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Welcome To SinnerLand

2012-03-14 00:30:17 by NodCraft

Yea so... we got in school something called "vertical Workshop", which is a week of intense work to produce something awesome in the animation world!
the past year we got to make an official music video for BELANOVA, i wont post the link for the video.. cuz it really sucks.
Anyway this year we made a VIDEOGAME for PC.
It's called "Welcome to Sinnerland" and it's based in one of my stories. (yup, i write a lot... and draw comics and geek shit)
So anyway.. the game was made in a week.. so it got a lot of bugs and lacks of a Boss fight (wich i have already animated).
actually i did the modeling, and animation of the good guy and the boss.... and the design and concept of all characters.. but any way.
HereĀ“s the trailer and the CD front.
perhaps some day i'll post the game itself, when it's fixed and finished.
oh and the trailer:

Welcome To SinnerLand


2012-03-14 00:10:53 by NodCraft

Hell... mmm got a kind of ... disapointment ...
the flash i was doing a while ago.. wich i stopped working in, is canceled.
Why? the concept and story of the animation was about two friends who travel across time (with the stolen arm of the robot in Time Squad) because one of them wanted to show his friend that even if the christians weren't the top religion in the world, it would be a worst present than it is today.... and by the destiny trollin, it happens that without the dark ages the present is now futuristic... ya know, flying cars and buildings... Bruce Willis now is a taxi Driver and stuff....
anyway is canceled, because Family guy or may i say STEWEY did exactly the same.


2011-01-23 13:08:15 by NodCraft

it wont be short, ive just made the storyboard, but in time i think it will be pretty long (9 minutes or somtin like that) ... LET'S ENTER TO THE ANIMATION !!!

so... work in progress :D finally

p.d.- estos son solo sketches, no se veran realmente asi los personajes, sino mas detallados...


My submitions to the asdf comp

2010-10-24 13:28:20 by NodCraft

here i will be posting my submitions to the asdfcomp.... i hope you like them qG6o

as i'd said in the reviews of some people... my art is actually submitions of my old drawings... and at this time i really dont want to fuck up myself doing 2 times the same drawing.... so, i will begin whit my good art finally and ride on newgrounds as a good one and not as an... amateur, like my actual reputation....
Anyway tomorrow i begin.. not fully time cuz im lazy but.... i'll start re doing my submitions...


...this is awesome for me do you mind? -.-

Greembie Da Zombie... RISING

2008-08-20 22:35:06 by NodCraft

Dudes and dudettes....
by da way i thank you very much for your comments and votes in my art, i really appreciate it (makes me feel cared :) ... not really but... wateva)
aaaany way right now my free version of photoshop whit the one ive made my fox... is death - it expired....
i hate capitalism..
I made this post to adivice... MY HEAD IS TREMBLING AND ABOUT TO EXPLODE full of ideas and projects that cant be acomplished whitout photoshop, a new version of flash aaand a digital platform to draw in....,
so by now i'll only submit pencil art, hope you lkike it....
im looking for awesome artist, ive visited some artist's pages or accounts or wateva it is called.... im looking for good and awesome artists, that are not yet very famous... so we can rise togheter and conquer newgrounds :D
ill be in contact, the offer is up you.. by now im stuck.. i hope to get out of this crisis...
see ya

pd.. this image ive made it all whit a mouse in corel draw... ill submit it later
i hate santa CLAUS!!! >:C... but i did it in like 10 minutes... so i dont count it as one of my best works....

Greembie Da Zombie... RISING