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Welcome To SinnerLand

2012-03-14 00:30:17 by NodCraft

Yea so... we got in school something called "vertical Workshop", which is a week of intense work to produce something awesome in the animation world!
the past year we got to make an official music video for BELANOVA, i wont post the link for the video.. cuz it really sucks.
Anyway this year we made a VIDEOGAME for PC.
It's called "Welcome to Sinnerland" and it's based in one of my stories. (yup, i write a lot... and draw comics and geek shit)
So anyway.. the game was made in a week.. so it got a lot of bugs and lacks of a Boss fight (wich i have already animated).
actually i did the modeling, and animation of the good guy and the boss.... and the design and concept of all characters.. but any way.
Here´s the trailer and the CD front.
perhaps some day i'll post the game itself, when it's fixed and finished.
oh and the trailer:

Welcome To SinnerLand


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2012-03-16 20:02:20

Bonito... :D

¿Puedo constribuir en algo? xD

(Updated ) NodCraft responds:

Corrección, el juego es gratis y lo puedes obtener gratis también, solo que esta en versión alpha apenas XD