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duuude waiting for the next part anxiously!!! the whole series are freakn amazing!

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um... same here, dont know why is this FP

well... its just a flash makeup over the original sprites.... I mean, even the background from the begining is the game's unedited background.. since it is from school i understand.. hehe i also make flashes 4 my classes and i dont make such great things (my teachers dont deserve that effort from me XD)... but well... this is just a flash adaptation of the sprites in coordination with the original intro... and i prefer personally the original... got more dinamicy... or wathever...

just.... Beautiful

there was a poem, writen a long time ago... i dont remember exactly how was it.. but something like:
"that man is fiery force that has to live, and temperance of water to adapt and survive what stands, but the depths of man will always be artifacts and creations, which is what the man will build with his will and actions .. ", it was something like that.
loved the animation, fire and water efects and the music... true beauty

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Awesome game! good ambience and good puzzles!
the art is preatty neat and the lack of details in the monster makes it even creepier! :D
btw: brofist!

awesome series!

i love the reincarnation series! just simple plot and cute characters.... wel at least i think they´re cute... kinda...
any way... the spanish subtitles are really crapy.. i was thinking... well they´re all right, it just that... wait.. im on my way traduced "voy a mi manera"? somebody gotta study a little harder!

and, well in this particular chapter u kill the reincarny for a really ... "crappy" reason (hehe crappy... ) in all the others i killed them for reaaaaally hard business going on.. but in this.. well i finished insatisfied.... or something...
good game!

there`s something sad

by the time they say "there could be a cure" and you dont get it... it doesnt matter any more, cuz 50% of the planet is now dead

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creo que deberÃ-as hacer más como estas, el efecto esta genial

AbissLake responds:

aproveche una cartulina negra y un carboncillo blanco para hacer esto

You got little pieces of your art here in the portal, but i'm amazed by your style! KEEP IT UP!
the only "bad note" i could give you is... the signature.. i'ts shattering the style in pieces
i would suggest to stylish your signature or to write it with another material...

the expresion in his face.... i feel so identified...
the right arm is a little misshapen btw... but the hardest thing about any drawing.. is the simetry XD keep it going!

AbissLake responds:

gracias por el apoyo :)


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